Chiranjib BhattacharyyaKernel MethodsSlides (pdf)
Wray BuntineIntroduction to Machine LearningSlides (pdf)
Zoubin GhahramaniGaussian Processes, Graphical Model Structure LearningSlides (Part 1 pdf, Part 2 pdf, Part 3 pdf)
Stephen GouldMarkov Random Fields for Computer VisionSlides (Part 1 pdf , Part 2 pdf, Part 3 pdf)]]
Marko GrobelnikHow We Represent Text? ...From Characters to LogicSlides (pptx)
David HardoonMulti-Source Learning; Theory and ApplicationSlides (pdf)
Mark JohnsonProbabilistic Models for Computational LinguisticsSlides (Part 1 pdf, Part 2 pdf, Part 3 pdf)
Wee Sun LeePartially Observable Markov Decision ProcessesSlides (pdf, pptx)
Hang LiLearning to RankSlides (pdf)
Sinno Pan
Qiang Yang
Transfer LearningSlides (Part1 pdf, Part 2 to be uploaded soon)
Tomi SilanderIntroduction to Graphical ModelsSlides (pdf)
Yee Whye TehBayesian NonparametricsSlides (pdf)
Ivor TsangFeature Selection using Structural SVM and its ApplicationsSlides (pdf)
Max WellingLearning in Markov Random FieldsSlides (pdf, pptx)